Freeworld Airways is a virtual airline based on the X-Plane flight simulation platform.

As a Freeworld pilot you'll enjoy a very high degree of freedom while being part of a global community of fellow flight simulation enthusiasts.

Ready? Join us!

Beta version

Freeworld Airways is currently undergoing it's relaunch phase and beta testing. Please be aware that some services may not be available during this time.

Official Freeworld Fleet

Our official fleet is well supported, makes real world economic sense and favours some of the best aircraft available on the X-Plane 11 market today.

Not happy with our fleet? No problem. Freeworld is all about choice and you're free to choose from a number of unsupported aircraft.

Boeing 737-300

A perfect mix of power, capacity and low airport requirements makes this reliable oldie an ideal choice for regional and lower demand routes.

Download IXEG livery

Boeing 737-800NG

Undeniably one of the most successful commercial aircraft of all time, the 737-800 forms THE backbone of the Freeworld fleet on short to medium huals.

Download Zibo livery

Boeing 757-200

Superior performance and unmatched versatility makes the 757-200 a workhorse of Freeworld on domestic and international routes.

Download FlightFactor livery

Boeing 767-300ER

Capacity, range, efficiency, the 767-300ER has all of those and more making it a perfect choice for Freeworld's long haul and high demand routes.

Download FlightFactor livery

This is Freeworld

We focus heavily on community, fun and freedom. Freeworld pilots are not restricted by ranks, flight hours, etc. Even out official schedule and fleet are merely a suggestion. The final choice is yours, Captain.

No realism?

Realism is an important part of flight simulation. We support this notion but also believe that realism matters most in the virtual cockpit and not so much for airline operations.

Freeworld pilots choose their own level of airline realism. Our official fleet is based on aircraft capabilities and capacity requirements operating sane schedules that could work for a real airline. Yet nobody is forced to stay within these restraints.

Why X-Plane?

When Freeworld was fist founded in 2004 it was the primary X-Plane airline. Over the years other platforms where added. However maintaining official support for multiple platforms is very taxing.

For our relaunch in 2019 we decided to only provide official support for the X-Plane flight simulator. Other platforms such as FSX and P3D may of course be used but are not supported officially at this time.

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Beta Version