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Boeing 757-200 Livery

A brand new Freeworld Airways livery for the FlightFactor 757-200 model is now available. Both engine variants of this amazing model are covered. Have fun!

Boeing 757-300 Livery

The official Freeworld Airways livery for the FlightFactor Boeing 757-300 has been released and is available in the Downloads section. Looking for a 757-200 version? Don't worry, it'll follow shortly. Stay tuned.

Airbus A350-900 Livery

The official Freeworld Airways livery for the FlightFactor A350-900 has been released and is available in the Downloads section. Have fun!

FWA Major Expansion

Freeworld Airways, leading the way out of the current world economic crises, is reaching out to new markets and new business and leisure destinations for our valued customers.

The Board of Directors has negotiated a wide array of new routes, the opening a second hub in the United States (Los Angeles Intl), flights in Scandinavia and a major expansion eastwards with hubs in Sydney, Singapore and Dubai.

Come join the wave on these new Freeworld Airways regular scheduled flights!

We will begin by opening Freeworld Airways operations in Australia and New Zealand.

Please see details in the Dispatch Department forum.

Freeworld goes to USA!

Freeworld Airways is proud to announce the start of its operations in the United States.

After some weeks of intensive pond hopping, Freeworld pilots have managed to transfer to the United States a large enough number of our aircraft, thus making possible the opening of FWA USA Route network.

Please see the Dispatch forum for the complete details.

What is Freeworld Airways?

Freeworld Airways is a virtual airline. We are a community of simulator pilots who share a common interest in aviation. All our operations happen within virtual skies generated by common desktop flight simulators like X-Plane or Microsoft Flight Simulator (thou we serve mostly X-Plane pilots).

Flying for a virtual airline, short VA, offers many advantages like a global route network which suggests destinations you might not think about yourself, a friendly community which is always ready to assist when you experience difficulties or simply the fact that flying in the simulator is much more fun if there is some greater purpose to it than just hopping from A to B.

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